About Us

XV Asia Technology is a company that focuses on Security, Surveillance, Engineering and Entertainment Industries.

At A Glance

  • 360 degrees video technology is in town and we make it available throughout Asia! Be captivated by the 360 degrees immersive video imagery view of the surrounding.
  • Capture the surrounding with this video camera (incorporated with 11 lenses) and the recorded video footage will stun you in so many ways – you can look up to the sky or at anything else by maneuvering or clicking & dragging the video footage (on the screen) to any direction you like. The video screen works as your pair of eyes! Plus, the picture is in high resolution and precise.
  • It differs from the normal usage of any other existing video cameras. The features set apart this video camera than the rest. Be it in a still or moving image, the video footage can be manipulated or translated into what benefit you or your business the most.
  • Be amazed and awed by the uniqueness of its functionalities! A new technological breakthrough that surpasses the era of conventional video recording.


Immersive Media360 Camera Technology.  Pioneering the “Google Street View

HauteSpotA high performance, wireless, routing platform that can easily be configured to meet the demanding needs of HD broadcast, surveillance and monitoring

Network Optix: A powerful and innovative new approach to managing high definition surveillance video in the Enterprise.  Developed by leading professional in the IP video industry, HD Witness address the current limitations of enterprise HD video management